ASSPRODEC is a non-profit, philanthropic, and non-political organization. It commits itself to ensuring that women  and young girls get decent employment by creating a platform for these women and girls to acquire employable  and entrepreneurial skills and mind-set. 

The mission of “ASSPRODEC” is to ensure decent work for young girls and women by providing them with training and other support to make them financially independent.
 Mission statement: 
“Empowering young girls and women through community actions.”

The overall objective of ASSPRODEC is to to ensure decent work for young girls and women by providing them with training and other support to make them financially independent.
ASSPRODEC seeks to work in partnership with individuals, families, communities, churches, other organisations that share practical experiences, relevant information, personnel training, fund raising and other grants so to ensure decent work for girls and women in poor communities.
We achieve this by working with our donors and partners:
1.To provide skill-based training to young girls and women towards the creation of small businesses.
2.To support the creation of small businesses through micro saving schemes.
3.To reduce the exploitation of young girls and women who work as domestic workers.
4.To provide a platform for certification and employment for women
5.To promote more effective legal protection, decent work and empowerment in the domestic employment sector through the creation of Domestic Workers’ Training Centres (DWTC) and an Association for Domestic workers.
6.To help curb the problem of human trafficking and exploitation of domestic workers.
7.To bring into the mainstream, workers who were once deemed to be outside the Cameroon labour legislation constituency.

ASSPRODEC shall employ the following strategy to achieve its objectives: 

The Association and its Members shall operate and abide by the following core values: 

1.LOVE: Requiring them to develop deep love for all of God’s creation through actions stimulated by knowledge of and love for God.

2. RESPECT FOR HUMANITY: requiring them to recognise the  innate worth of all people and the value of diversity; 

3.EQUITY AND JUSTICE: requiring them to work to ensure equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, HIV status, colour, class, ethnicity, disability, location or religion;

4. HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY: being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of their actions and open in their judgements and communications with others; 

5. SOLIDARITY WITH THE POOR, POWERLESS AND EXCLUDED shall be the only bias in their commitment to the fight against poverty, exploitation and social exclusion.

1.Provision of quality and free business training to girls and women. 
2.Provision of micro loans to trained women groups and girls to start up small businesses. 
3.Educate the public and households on the importance of employing trained domestic workers and to provide them with decent pay through public lectures, open days, seminars, workshops etc. 
4.Work with the National Social Insurance Fund to ensure that female domestic workers are covered by a legal work contract.
5.Work in partnership with local authorities and other organisations to implement essential and legal protection to women and girls.
6. Perform audits of human trafficking and exploitation of girls and women domestic workers
7.Participate in Government’s initiatives to our target population.
8.Work with local and international volunteers to achieve its objectives
9.Serve as advocate for disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups such as women and girls.
10.Source for appropriate funding to achieve the above activities.

                                                                    OUR TEAM:
Fotabe Elmine

Lucy Eta
Project Coordinator

Mah Edith
Project Assistant

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