Girls need to acquire skills and quality education if they are to contribute to the development of their families and communities.
Education prevents girls and young women from ills such as prostitution, unwanted pregnancies, HIV and AIDS. 

All year round, ASSPRODEC organizes fund raising events aimed at sponsoring women and girls to acquire education and skills in areas such as:
  • Domestic work ( Nannies and Cleaners)
  •  Beauty and skin care
  •  Fashion design, clothing and textiles
  •  Jewelry design
  •  Small business management
Fund raising programs are important to us as we seek to provide financial support to many women and girls around the country.
Our fund raising activities range from crowdfunding campaigns to exhibitions, to dinners and other events.

To make a donation, please contact us on info@assprodec.org

Support us through our hashtag #SponsorHer

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