Our Empower program focuses on supporting women acquire Higher Education. Benjamin Franklin once summarised education, "If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge or education always pays the best interest."

Sadly, the "girl child" typically faces discrimination, including the common preference for male children and early marriage. Poor families are more likely to keep girls at home to care for younger siblings, the sick, the elderly or to work in family enterprises. Most often, if a family has to choose between educating a son, or a daughter, because of financial restrictions, typically the son is chosen.  Many parents view educating sons as an investment because they feel that sons are responsible when it comes to caring for aging parents. On the other hand, many parents see the education of daughters as a waste of money because daughters eventually live with their husbands' families, and the parents do not benefit directly from their education. Also, daughters with higher levels of education are likely to have higher dowry expenses, as they will want a comparably educated husband. This kind of discrimination has a negative impact on the society and on the Country, as a whole.

To change this, ASSPRODEC raises funds to sponsor girls acquire higher education.

Join us empower a woman. #EmpowerAwoman

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