We promote more effective legal protection, decent work and empowerment in the domestic employment sector through the creation of Domestic Workers’ Training Program(DWTP) in all the ten regions of Cameroon.

The objectives and activities of this project are:

Objective 1: Help curb the problem of human trafficking and exploitation of domestic workers.


  • Collaborate with the government of Cameroon to organize this sector.
  • Hold workshops with women groups and village councils about the risks of giving out their girl children as nannies with no legal backing.
  • Develop sketches and drawings to decry the conditions of domestic workers and  help prevent human trafficking and the exploitation of domestic workers.
  • Design and provide training to domestic workers on their rights and duties through our DWTP.

Objective 2: To bring into the mainstream, workers who were once deemed to be outside the Cameroon labour legislation constituency.


  • Develop and legalise work contracts in collaboration with legal authorities.
  • Educate employers on the need for legal work contracts through TV and radio spots.
  • Educate communities to recognize the importance of domestic workers as an integral part of the economy and that domestic work is not degrading or menial through radio/TV spots and free brochures.
  • Form an association of domestic workers to discuss ways to better the profession.
  • Create a mutual fund for domestic workers, where they can save a token of their wages and can benefit from small loans (the fund will be registered with MC²).

Objective 3: Educate on the responsibility of the “client” (household) in the context of worker’s employment.


  • Develop TV and radio spots in collaboration with local councils and other partners.
  • Design free brochures for households on the legal implications of illegal employment and exploitation of domestic workers.

Objective 4: To ensure that households employing domestic workers have the services of trained people who will execute their duties in a professional fashion.


  • Design and provide professional training on domestic work to domestic workers through our DWTP.
  • Educate households on the importance of employing our graduates. This will be done through Radio/TV spots and free brochures.
  • Act as employment agent for the domestic workers.

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