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Take back your dignity

Illegal emigration has become a global issue. Thousands of migrants die each day at sea, rebel detention camps or during dangerous treks in deserts and forests. Usually, women and girls are hardest hit by this situation.On the other hand, girls and women who work as domestic workers at home and abroad are subjected to all forms of inhumane treatment and mostly end up as sex slaves in countries such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya,  and many others.During the months of September and October every year,  ASSPRODEC organizes social media campaigns, training seminars, walks, and other events, to discourage women and girls from migrating to  these countries and take back…

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Inspire a girl

Young girls thrive when they are inspired by successful female figures. Girls constantly have to deal with many forms of inequalities. They hit the glass ceiling. Great strides have been made toward equality in the workplace but, even today, many people find themselves unfairly blocked from advancing in their careers. They may be ideal candidates for promotion, with relevant qualifications, experience, and "can-do" attitudes – but time and again they see less competent co-workers overtake them, or are overlooked for senior positions.During the months of September and October, ASSPRODEC organizes a series of events aimed at inspiring young girls to break the…

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Empower a woman

   Our Empower program focuses on supporting women acquire Higher Education. Benjamin Franklin once summarised education, "If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge or education always pays the best interest." Sadly, the "girl child" typically faces discrimination, including the common preference for male children and early marriage. Poor families are more likely to keep girls at home to care for younger siblings, the sick, the elderly or to work in family enterprises. Most often, if a family has to choose between educating a son, or a daughter, because…

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Connect Women

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women by women.We are familiar with the challenges that women go through and to a greater extent the barriers that stop women from becoming the best version of themselves.ASSPRODEC organizes online and face-to-face networking sessions bringing together young girls, women from all walks of life, and female leaders and Entrepreneurs to learn how to identify their unique potential, build successful families, become responsible wives/mothers, leaders and entrepreneurs. The hashtag for this program is #connectWomen

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Transform her

Four times in a year, ASSPRODEC trains groups of women (widows, poor, rural…) and provide the group of 5 women with micro loans and kitchen banks to start and grow small businesses.

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Sponsor Her

Girls need to acquire skills and quality education if they are to contribute to the development of their families and communities.Education prevents girls and young women from ills such as prostitution, unwanted pregnancies, HIV and AIDS. All year round, ASSPRODEC organizes fund raising events aimed at sponsoring women and girls to acquire education and skills in areas such as: Domestic work ( Nannies and Cleaners)  Beauty and skin care  Fashion design, clothing and textiles  Jewelry design  Small business managementFund raising programs are important to us as we seek to provide financial support to many women and girls around the country.Our fund…

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Sustain her dream

We promote more effective legal protection, decent work and empowerment in the domestic employment sector through the creation of Domestic Workers’ Training Program(DWTP) in all the ten regions of Cameroon. The objectives and activities of this project are: Objective 1: Help curb the problem of human trafficking and exploitation of domestic workers. Activities: Collaborate with the government of Cameroon to organize this sector. Hold workshops with women groups and village councils about the risks of giving out their girl children as nannies with no legal backing. Develop sketches and drawings to decry the conditions of domestic workers and  help prevent human…

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